Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Edge Animate Playing Sounds

A Library called Edge Commons has a play sound function (among other useful items):

Edge Animate Drag and Drop

A great start and he gives away the code. Thank you Paul!

Drag and Drop Basics

Drag and Drop Part II - Touch Enabled

Introducing my Edge Animate Blog

I had my glory days as a Flash rock star and then Flash got too complicated started to not be fun any more. I hung on through the AS3 transition then iOS came along and Flash no longer fed my family. I miss those glory days. Edge Animate CC has caught my attention and I have decided to grow with the technology while it is in its infancy. It is definitely no where near what Flash once was, but hey, I'm a pioneer and I see potential here.

This blog will attempt to search for Edge equivalents to familiar Flash paradigms. Sort of a recipe book written in a way that ex-Flash IDE rockstars like myself will understand. I will hunt for things like:

-Drag and Drop
-Playing Sounds
-Nesting Comps
-Global variables
-External Dynamic Content (xml, xml parsing, media, etc)
-Programmatic Tweening
-Loading Dynamic Images From Library
-Depth Swapping
-Collision detection
-Trace, Debugging